Demo 2015

by Laid 2 Rest

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plart Bringing the fucking violence back. Heavy fucking shit.
Zachary Morrison
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Zachary Morrison A buddy of mine was driving home from a show and said he needed some new tunes for the ride, so i sent him this, which was a big mistake. He ended up flipping his car over 3 times because he was crowd killing his passenger seat listening to the breakdown of otherhood blood. This is the ideal beatdown band kicking it right now. Favorite track: Otherhood Blood.
Phil Jeffrey
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Phil Jeffrey I love that they used faggot and nigga! As a straight white male this empowers me! Haha I love being white Favorite track: Pain.
Joe Fatone
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Joe Fatone brutal as expected. keep it coming!!
[ tsu ]
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[ tsu ] Not made for the weak Favorite track: Pain.
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Vocals - Dan
Guitar - Kyle
Guitar - Justin
Bass - Rob
Drums - Jack
Drums on Demo 2015 - Ryan White


released December 28, 2014

Recorded and Mixed by: Nick Bellmore
Dexters Lab Studio
Milford, CT



all rights reserved


Laid 2 Rest Connecticut

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Track Name: Otherhood Blood
Slipping through your hands there's nothing you can do. Talk your shit, but soon your life will be through. Sands of time, your existence is running short. I've turned my back so what do you have to life for?
Track Name: Pain
Nothing to lose, everything to gain. It's a sick, dark, world of everlasting pain. Struggle to survive as the days grow colder. Yet people wonder why I got this chip on my shoulder.

I'll break you down piece by piece. Weak motha fucka, can't compete with me. A wired jaw is all your good for but now it's time to settle up the score.

Shotgun shells are bad for you health nigga it's true. Step to me and your life will be through. Got the glock cocked enjoy your last seconds alive. 1022 only the strong survive.

I'll show you real pain bitch, when you're six feet in a ditch.

Beg for mercy, that's all your left to do. Prepare to suffer, this is your end, it's true.
Track Name: Eternal Damnation
Day by day, my life's nothing but consistent hate. Trapped in a planet of corruption, but who's the one to blame?

Enteral damnation, Destruction of the human race. My fingers on the trigger, barrel in my mouth. Sick of this shit, I'm calling it quits.

As you pray to the sky, there's no one will hear your cries.
No strength to continue on. All hope is gone.

There's no more hope. My only salvation is at the end of a fucking rope.

You will burn hell. There's no escape.
You sold your soul, the time is up